Say Hello to San Diego’s 23rd Fastest Growing Company!

It’s official, made the Inc. 500 | 5000 list! We were hoping to make it into the elite 500, but we’re definitely proud to be the 974th fastest growing company in the USA and ecstatic to report the 442% growth we’ve been blessed to achieve over the three year period from 2009-2012. Next year, Inc. 500, we’re coming for a coveted top 500 spot.

On top of that, we’re elated to announce that we’ve been ranked the 29th fastest growing transportation and logistics company. It’s hard to categorize our business in the moving industry – explaining our business as a “moving labor marketplace” gets a lot a blank stares in response. So, even though we’re not actually a moving company (we’re not even a moving broker), we still associate most closely with the “transportation and logistics” sector.

As proud San Diegans, our favorite honor to report is that we’ve been named the 23rd fastest growing company in the San Diego metropolitan area.

Inc 500 San Diego's 23rd Fastest Growing Company

We’re thankful to a lot of people for helping us grow this fast: God; our co-founders Mike & Pete; the incredible HireAHelper team of customer service reps, developers, and directors; and a HUGE thanks to our loyal customers and the hardworking service providers that choose to list their service with us.

Here’s to another year of growth and progress towards a better way to move.

– Daniel Horning


Real People: PODS vs. U-Pack ReloCubes

This post is part of our “Real People” series. Each post is written by a real person, not employed at HireAHelper, that actually used the service listed. These posts offer the inside scoop on the pros and cons of using moving equipment and services from companies like PODS, 1-800-Packrat, Penske Truck Rental, Budget Moving Trucks, U-Pack ReloCubes, and Uhaul. Today’s post is from Shiromi A. of Seattle, WA.

My husband was retired military so we moved seven times in four years and I can tell you it never gets easier. You’d think we would have the moving thing down by now, but I find each move has its own set of unique challenges to overcome. When we decided to move from Portland, OR up to Seattle, WA to live near the water, we knew this would take some planning. We called around a few interstate moving companies but it was pricey. We didn’t want to rent a truck because you pay by the day and that time crunch can be stressful. My husband and I quickly came to the conclusion that either PODS or U-Pack ReloCubes would be our best bet. Continue reading

Filner, It’s Time to Move


Many of us here at HireAHelper are native San Diegans. We’ve enjoyed all the perks of growing up in America’s finest city: the warm sun on the sands of La Jolla Shores…school field trips to beautiful Balboa Parkthat one time we went to the Super Bowl

Now our business is based here, and we can appreciate how San Diego has only gotten better.  We’re chasing our dream of becoming the nation’s top craft beer brewing city (watch your back, Portland), we’ve birthed 6 new pandas, and somehow we were even named America’s #1 city for pizza *shrugs at Chicago and New York*.

Yet, we can’t even savor our pepperoni-flavored victory, because now, in their indignation, the Chicago Tribune has shot back with:

San Diego: We’ll give you best climate. We’ll even give you best summer vacation spot. You’re down for best zoo. And of course, best scandal (ahem, Mayor Bob Filner?)

And that was fairly mild. In case you hadn’t noticed, Mayor Filner is now a national joke. Conan, Leno, and Jon Stewart are all getting in on the act, and our city is the punchline. Continue reading

Are My Movers Licensed And Insured?

paperwork largeFirst of all, I want to say, “well done.” If you’re taking the time to ask this question and figure out the answer, you’re off to a great start! Nothing will ruin your move more than becoming the person in that horror story who has all their belongings stolen by their movers or is charged 300% more than the original quote. It’s important to protect yourself from the rogue movers and scammers operating nationwide this summer.

What is a licensed mover?

Regulations and requirements for licensure vary from state to state. You can check out your state’s requirements here. Some states require movers to register with the state as a moving company and to offer at least two options for insurance (full-valuation or released-value). Some states have additional requirements. Beyond insurance, states might set standards regarding estimates, liability, mover agreements, etc. Continue reading

4 Simple Tips for Unpacking After Your Move

You made it. Everything was packed, loaded, unloaded, and the movers sent on their way. The hard part is over. Or is it? You’re in your new space, surrounded by boxes, and the sight can be overwhelming. Below are a few tips to make this next step in the moving process go smoother.

Packing Moving Boxes Continue reading