Hiring Helpers for HireAHelper.com

Should we? If i go through the process Joel talks about we definitely can’t afford it. Since I’m a couple years older than most of my friends I have a few “offers”. The problem is if they weren’t my friends I would never hire them (so I’m not going to now either).

I think for now I’m going to wait. Pull the all nighters and do it all myself. I don’t want to take on a $10/hr employee now and be stuck with them. I would rather wait until I can afford a quality $20 employee (and I already have a few in mind).

If you happen to be a $20+/hr employee. And you feel like HireAHelper is a good idea… drop me a line.


One thought on “Hiring Helpers for HireAHelper.com

  1. hey Mike

    do u consider me as a 20$/- employee ? 🙂

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