Seth might be wrong?

So I’m usually in huge agreement with Seth, on just about everything… but this time… I’m not quite sure… I’d be interested to see his blog stats… but judging from mine, every time I comment on a blog post, I get 3 times as many referrals if its less than three lines… my guess is that people enjoy the snack size… (who wants to make Jello Pudding, when you can have Snack-Packs!). Snack size means you can have variety and the variety can be in different genres, flavors, or colors. Whether it be advertisements, or entertainment you can taste something new and not be committed to eating the whole box, finishing the movie, or reading the last page.

Seth’s big on Small Business right now… and I think he has a right to be… but small business is thriving now for the same reason that “Snack Sized” entertainment is… people want variety… we do have “unlimited real-estate” as Seth Points out… but it doesn’t mean we should build just for the sake of building.

Lets focus on quality (a debate on topics worth hearing for example), rather than quantity (a 24 hour debate channel), and keep the supply just slightly behind the demand… slowly increasing the quantity of our advertisements/content/whatever as the population demands. So instead of building an city for 40 million people with our unlimited real estate, lets build a city for 10… then when we fill that up work on building an even better area for 10 more.

The analogy lacks…. how about this… Apple started with a few of their “Get A Mac” ads… they tried out the waters… built a few new “homes” on their real-estate, waited to see if people bought, and when it was a success built a few more, and a few more. As soon as people stop buying, they can stop building.

Charles Schwab started their “Ask Chuck” advertising campaign at the same time. It’s lame. No one makes copies of it and posts it on YouTube… no one shares it with their friends… but they keep milking the thing for all its worth. They used their “unlimited” real estate and now they have a 3000 unit apartment complex that no one wants.

So here we go again… lets take a poll…

I have a colleague that teaches e-commerce and he has a phrase “How long has it been since we’ve taken a poll?” and all the students immediately respond “Too Long!”. So in honor of the esteemed founder of lets hear what you think…

Mike vs. Seth – Round 1 :

Post a simple “mike” or “seth” comment with your choice… Build cause we can? or Not? Feel free to offer you thoughts on the matter as well.


4 thoughts on “Seth might be wrong?

  1. Crap — I have to go first? Wow, a chance to be a trend setter. I almost never agree with Seth so I vote Mike.

  2. i am an ardent ‘seth’ guy. but this one, i disagree. but im not quite sure that is what seth tried to express in the first place- i mean, if he says “the longest ad wins” that is definitely goes against the “buying more air time is dying out” message that he has been putting across all along.

    so until set clarifies- my vote’s on mike!

  3. Mike (short enough for ya?)

  4. umm… I am no

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