Re-evaluating my target market…

Seth writes: “…you’re way better off helping the perfect improve.”

Who is my target market… I have always considered the target market to be homeowners who want to save money… the Do-It-Yourself-ers.

I don’t really have an answer for this question yet, consider it and get back to me:

Who would you market a service to that allows users to hire local helpers for cheap, to do all sorts of manual labor jobs?

Post your replies fellow bloggers. I’m curious to your thoughts… Is there a “perfect customer” for HireAHelper?


3 thoughts on “Re-evaluating my target market…

  1. Those who are too busy, those who are too lazy, those who are temporarily or permanently unable – the target market is endless.

    Ad Ideas:
    Are you swamped, are you stretch to your max, then Hire a Helper.

    No time to take out the trash, no time to fix your leaks, no time for yourself, then Hire A Helper

    Wishing you much success.

  2. Well, based on Seth’s theory, I would think your target would be those that are already outsourcing some part of their daily activities or needs. For instance, I would consider targeting current users of grocery delivery services. To extend the theory further though, heavy users of your service may be ripe for a Personal Assitant or extra “Concierge” Level of Service?

  3. Based on Seth’s remarks today I think that you need people who are using a maid service, yard service, plumbers, electricians, etc. You could contact some of them and ask if you could sponsor a mailing that would highlight your business and theirs.

    OR you could market to people who KNOW people who need those services – Realtors know lots of people who are too busy to get their homes in shape to sell. Maybe you could have a menu of services that you could offer and send that to all the realtors in your town. Some things people need are curb appeal spruce ups, walls painted, total contents removal (which could dovetail nicely with contacting probate lawyers), pool cleaning/painting. For this you are going to have to have patience (start a drip campaign to contact the realtors at least quarterly) AND visit lots of open houses – realtors are sitting there with extra time on their hands and may be more receptive to listening to your pitch!

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