A Lesson in Free Advertising: BlendTec

For those of you who haven’t heard the story…

BlendTec developed a great blender and had a hard time getting the word out about it, so they made a bunch of videos of their blenders taking on random household items like rakes, coke cans, and even Tiki Torches.

The videos ended up on YouTube and their sales sky rocketed (Who wouldn’t want to watch someone put all sorts of large objects in an industrial strength blender.

BlendTec vs. Glow Sticks

The guys at PlumberSurplus were attending the Internet Retailer conference and happened to video this:

See the original Video Here.

It’s really great PR for both BlendTec as well as “The Surplus” as both will probably end up getting thousands of hits and brand recognition.

We’ve toyed with the idea of advertising on YouTube doing things like this, the problem is you can’t count on the spastic success of “hit” videos, regardless the instant success of the Will It Blend videos (and similar) will keep people trying for years to come.


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