Viral Marketing Strategy – 101 –

A lot of you read my post on BlendTec and their big mishap (since then their YouTube video shows up 3rd for searches on BlendTec on YouTube) , I’ve been thinking lately… the guys at PS have the resources to really pull of a successful viral campaign if they want, here’s my idea:

  1. Make up a composition of “Will It Blend” spoofs that use one of their manufacturers garbage disposals. I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff put into garbage disposals before, and I’m sure with their resources they can get a hold of a “super garbage disposal” that you could put just about anything into.
  2. Get a hook, use “character” as the mock-blendTec guy. Ideas:
    • Gangster: “Will it blend B$#$?” – Blends firearm, evidence, drugs, another gangster
    • White Trash: Blends dog from his front porch (its wrong, but we all know that faux animal sadism spreads), car parts found in front yard, beer cans
  3. Post the video on YouTube and draw publicity to it through a few blogs.
  4. Post the video as a “Video Response” to all the BlendTec videos
  5. See if BlendTec will host a “Blend off” vs the garbage disposal.

That’s pretty much it… Post your feedback if you think my viral marketing strategy would work. PlumberSurplus are you up to the challenge?!


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