Getting Traffic and Links to Your Website by Pitching to Popular Blogs…

Is easier said than done. I have been trying to network and have been emailing pitches to popular blogs and even the little unknown blogs for about 3 weeks now. Result- I’ve had a few mentions that got my blood pumping and kept me motivated for a few days.

Still, the question I ask at the end of everyday is HOW do you get a mention from these influential bloggers.

I have experience pitching and networking traditional news media. But when I started the job of pitching to bloggers, I knew I was headed into unknown territory for me, so I did my homework first. I read countless blogs and articles about what to do, and more importantly what not to do. And then I took the plunge and dove in headfirst thinking I had my head on straight and I would be successfully tracking results within a week or so.

Everyday I eagerly search and read and pitch, only to come out empty handed. The underlying duty at hand is one that I am not skating around, but one that I am trying to short cut through. Unfortunately, I will eventually have to do. I will have to study all of these blogs and read them and comment on them everyday to build relationships as an everyday reader without dropping in solicited links and messages.

That’s hard work! Not to mention it doesn’t guarantee an article, a review or even a link.

My final thought… Does anyone know which bloggers prefer bribes?


2 thoughts on “Getting Traffic and Links to Your Website by Pitching to Popular Blogs…


    The company I work for just spent a large sum of money on an ultimately unsuccessful viral campaign. Our leadership’s main strategy, I think, was to target “influentials” and try and dip into their fanbase, readers, and communities.

    So for you, Mike, I’m thinking this:

    1) If you do try to find “influentials” then find ones who relate and have a readership that is inherently interested in your industry. That will be sough for you I believe, because the “connecting people who want to work and people who need to get stuff done” industry is just not that exciting. Not a lot of bloggers in your industry,

    2) Have something worth blogging about. Bloggers don’t want to look like corporate sellouts. If you have something newsworthy, then fine. Maybe the idea of hireAHelper is newsworthy in an industry-shattering sort of way (i.e. Netflix).

    Those are my thoughts. My hunch is that driving random net traffic to is not the kind of publicity you’re after (or should be after). Strategic alliances with businesses and services that directly relate you your service of connecting two people with complimentary needs (the Hire’er and the Helper) would be the route I’d aim for. Like home Depot, Lowes, Starving Students, Moving Companies, etc etc.

    But what do I know I’m just a web designer.

  2. There is a company in Japan who do a similar thing to you guys. I just wrote about one of their marketing techniques on my blog. They use GPS and other technologies to make their system a lot more real time than you are at the moment. But you might want to check out my post on them and see if how they’ve marketed is possible for you. Their main site is mostly in Japanese but if you need a hand with that let me know. BTW, love how you started the company on a shoestring, very inspiring.

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