Winding up for the Pitch

The question: how do I effectively pitch to blogs? is a fairly common one– and is even discussed in the post below. Seth Godin would answer that question by suggesting, as the title of his book puts it, to turn ‘strangers into friends and friends into customers’ (define the terms ‘strangers’, ‘friends’, and ‘customers’ however you like to apply to your position).

The first thing you need to know: Bloggers do not care about you, or your company; bloggers care about whatever it is they blog about.

Imagine you’re at a cocktail party. You don’t walk up to someone and immediately jump into a conversation about what you’re selling. You scope out the room, sip your drink, and create small talk until you make an intelligent connection with another party go-er. This is the same strategy that should be used in approaching bloggers.

Your first step is to research your target blogger. You have to really understand what the blogger writes about, and wants to write about. If your pitch doesn’t interest the blogger, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Consider your business model. Evaluate it until it makes you blue in the face. But keep in mind, bloggers don’t want a summary of your business model, they want what’s interesting. You have to think big. Exaggerate if you must– but make your business model: ground shifting, life changing, economically effective, etc. These are the things bloggers want to write about.

Now you need to take your “perfect pitch” final draft edition, and throw it away. Bloggers are a new school of PR; they don’t want your press release or media kit– this is online PR. Pitching to blogs starts with building a relationship.

  1. So now you have an idea of who your blogger is, and what interests them, right? If not, go back three spaces.
  2. Now you need to figure out a way to spin your pitch off of whatever it is that interests this particular blogger. If it’s not possible, then cut the line, and cast again. Trust me, there are plenty of bloggers in the sea.
  3. If you’ve made it to step three, the last step, then your final mission is to master and execute the proper approach.

Remember, bloggers want to hear what’s interesting, and phenomenal. They don’t care about your site, they care about the large-scale economic effects your site may have on the supply and demand economy.


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  1. Mike,
    I attended an event on this very topic here in Cambridge, MA. Details and podcast are available through this link:

    Bloggers told the truth about what motivates them and the pr folks told their objectives as well. Good insights. Also great service idea you have here!

    John Lohavichan

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