A House of Brands – Breaking the Scalability Barrier

A congratulations is in order for the people of PlumberSurplus.com, they managed to make the next step in successful entrepreneurship – taking what works on a small scale and mirroring it for a new market.

Someone once told me that getting to $1million in sales isn’t nearly as hard as getting to $1.00.

Having surpass the $1 (and I’m assuming the $1million) mark a long time ago – the people at PS have made what I think has to be the next most difficult step – taking a business model designed for one industry (plumbing supplies) and apply it to a new industry outdoor gear (things like backpacks, gerber knives, and tents)

Take a look at the two sites: PlumberSurplus.com and OutDoorPros.com – they did a really good job – congrats guys!


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  1. I like to think of the Staples “That was easy” button

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