Thought of the Week: Why June 21st??

June 21:

  • 172nd day of the year
  • 193 days left until the end of the year
  • Longest hours of daylight in northern hemisphere
  • Shortest hours of daylight in southern hemisphereLos Angeles Movers Enjoy a Summer Near the Beach


  • The first official day of SUMMER!

Why June 21st? Why is this day the official start to the summer season?

For some, summer starts when that final bell rings on the last day of school. For others, it is when the weather gets warmer or vacation time approaches. But, there are specific reasons why labeling June 21st that day everyone looks forward to. In the United States, this is the day of the year when the sun is farthest north. Also known as the Summer Solstice. Or, in some cases, the first day of summer falls on June 20th depending on your location. It has the longest hours of daylight, 14 1/2 hours, which makes it a great day to open the season. Due to the tilt of the axis, the Earth’s North pole points toward the sun causing the sun’s rays to hit the northern half more directly. The days are longer during summer due to the tilt of the axis, allowing more sunlight to be projected onto the surface. While it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere during this time, it is winter in the southern hemisphere.


Summer seems to be the season for most things: tourism, social agendas, free time, and MOVING. The kids are out of school, more of your friends are available to help, and the weather is more likely to cooperate. Keep in mind it is going to be busier and to book in advance.

So pull out those shorts and pack the beach toys, because summer has been officially announced!