How to Unpack Your Room

Mover, your room could look like this

Moving can be stressful, and when the time comes to unpack, you just want it to be over.
But, you are almost done! You have a room filled with numerous, matching, brown boxes and don’t know where to start. Here are some steps to follow to make it easier:

Things Need:

  • box cutter
  • scissors
  • plastic storage bins (optional)
  • tools: hammer, nails, and screwdriver
  • cleaning supplies
  • time

1. Clean the room first. Vacuum the floor and wipe the windows and blinds. You want to start off fresh in a clean room.

2. Plan Ahead. Imagine and decide the layout of your room so you know where you want to place everything. That way you don’t have to move all the furniture yourself after the movers place it.

3. Place and assemble all the big furniture like dresser, desk, and bed. The bed is the piece of furniture that draws the most attention when entering a room. Usually, it is placed against the center of the wall opposite the main door, but you can get creative with the placing. Under windows are generally not a good place because of the draft and avoid any interferences with the entrance/exit. Organize the other furniture around the bed. If your closet is big enough, place the dresser inside to create more free space in the room.
4. Set aside time. The weekends are a great time to dedicate to unpacking so you can get a lot done, or you can work a little each evening to get things unpacked.
5. Start with the box labeled “Unpack First” or “Essential Items” that contains the essential items needed while you unpack, which includes a box cutter and scissors. It may also include one or two outfits for you to wear while you are unpacking the rest of your clothes and toiletries like shampoo, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Then, unpack your wardrobe into the closet and dresser. Move onto your desk, unpacking all your office supplies.
6. Stay organized. One box at a time. You don’t want to start opening all the boxes at once without finding a new home for your belongings. Break down the boxes and remove them after you unpack, that way they take up less space. You can either save the boxes to reuse in the future or recycle them. Throw all the trash, tape and things you decide you don’t want, immediately into a trash bag instead of on the floor. If you keep things neat from the beginning, it will be easier to keep up with throughout the process and after your settled. It is going to be overwhelming at first, but you will begin to see results as you work to unpack those boxes and clean up along the way.

7. Plastic Drawers and plastic storage bins come in handy when trying to organize your room. The flat plastic bins are easy to slid under the bed or fit into the closet. It is a cheap and easy way to store your items. Use a shoe rack on the back of your door to create maximum space.

8. Make it your own. This is the fun part! Decorate it how you like. Add pictures and posters to the wall. Hang curtains that match your pillow and bedspread, and shelves for additional decorative space. Keep the color scheme and theme the same throughout the room.