Communicating with Customers in the Moving Business

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-Number 1 Rule, be nice and polite. Being nice over the phone and in person goes a long way. It is one of the golden rules that we learned at childhood for a reason.

-Call the customer within 24 hours after placing the job to confirm details about the job and touch base with them.

Update your contact information, providing two numbers if possible. A cell phone number is important if you are away from the office for that day.

-Make sure your answering machine sounds professional and states the name of the company, so the customer knows they will be receiving a call back. Specify that you will call back as soon as possible or within the next twelve hours. This gives the customer faith in the company. We have had several customers call to cancel or switch service providers because the number was incorrect or didn’t sound professional. An answering machine could be the first impression a customer has of your company, so you want it to sound good.

-Return phone calls as soon as possible to give the customer a sense of security and confidence in your company.

-Get all the details about the move from the customer so that there are no surprises along the way, and you are prepared for the job.

-Arrive on time on the day of the job.

-Good reviews are an effective way to communicate with customers through the eyes of someone else that used your services for example visit Chicago Movers and LA Movers.


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