Business Development and the Economy

What does it take to keep a business running in this economy or in any economy? In this recession, things are still expanding and new products are being put on the shelves. In this world, things move so fast. The moment you have purchased the latest phone or ipod, it is already outdated and a newer, faster version is available. You expand and make updates, and a week later feel outdated. New products are always coming out. It can be a viscous cycle that involves spending money, growing, and spending more money to keep up with the unknowing economy.

You have to constantly improve in order to keep up, bet the competitors, and appeal to customers. We launched our latest helper website a supply_and_demandcouple week ago, and it got me thinking. The new version makes it easier for us and our service providers. But when is it time to upgrade? When is it worth the money and time? Sometimes you know you need it when there is a growing demand. But, sometimes you may just have to take the risk, hoping the supply will increase the demand. It is hard to keep up, but small updates here and there will make a difference and show people that the business is growing.

visit www.hireahelper.comWhat is the best way to get your business noticed? Stick to the same logo. The more a person sees your site, the more credited and reliable they will see it as. Stick to the same logo when advertising so that people can associate them together. For example, when promoting Greek life, a fraternity or sorority will use the same color T-shirts (the color of their organization) for all of their events. That way when potential rushees, a person who are interested in joining a Greek organization, sees that around campus they immediately recognize the color and know what sorority it represents. It is a great marketing tool.Look at Coca-Cola, they use the same red log with same style font everytime, and it is known worldwide. Recognizing brand labels or colors is sometimes easier to remember than the name of the company.


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