Time Management

Sometimes twenty four hours in a day doesn’t seem like enough time to get everything done. We need to make productive use of the time that we do have at work by prioritizing our tasks and creating realistic deadlines.

clockSTART with your most important tasks first. Return phone calls and answer emails. Take a look at everything that needs to be done, and start with the ones that need to be completed first. Prioritize your time and make lists if need be. Sometimes you may have to deviate from the list and be flexible, depending on what comes up throughout the day.

to-do-list-padCREATE a daily task sheet and a weekly task sheet. Your “To Do” list should not be so long that it is impossible to finish, and you are constantly discouraged with the feeling that you never get anything done. Don’t get too overwhelmed or else you won’t be able to concentrate on the task at hand.
create task sheet
SET realistic deadlines for yourself. Don’t multitask too much. Sometimes it is better to finish one task, then move onto the next one. You don’t want to start five projects and not have the time to finish anything.

REWARD is good. Just completing a job is a reward in itself, but once in a while do something more. Take a break after you coffeebreakhave completed several assignments or a big project.

In the end, if is it needed, ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Assign tasks to others as well by delegating if you are in a position that allows that.

These tips can apply to both work and personal life.


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