Reusing Packing Materials

cardboard boxes for movingGood, sturdy boxes have a variety of uses, so don’t just throw them away after one use. There are many ways to reuse packing materials or recycle them. With our world becoming more environmentally aware, it is important to conserve and reuse. When preparing for a move, pack efficiently, using the least amount of packing materials as necessary. Use left over newspaper to wrap the breakables in.

After the move,boxes can be saved for future purposes. Having empty boxes stored in the garage could come in handy. Or build a house reusing the newspaper you wrapped your dishes in. Check this out.

The boxes can be kept for things that have to be put into storage. Give them to someone who is moving. Donate to shipping companies to ship cans and such. Reuse boxes to ship for UPS. If you use removable labels instead of writing directly on the box, it will be able to be used many reuse_reduce_recyclemore additional times. Reuse old boxes for fun activities in crafts. Those big boxes make a great play houses for kids. Let them color and decorate it. If you want to make a profit, you can re-sell them for a cheaper price to someone else. That make take a little bit more work, but if you are willing to do it then go for it. Just make sure if you are not going to reuse them, that you recycle them.

So just remember, one use does not send them straight to the dumpster.

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