“What’s In A Name”

Picking a company name is important and can be a difficult task. It is the first thing that the customer is going to see about your company, developing their first impression. You only have a couple of words to describe your company in. Something catchy and simple is always a safe bet. The title should include what the company does like the word moving or movers. This will make it easily distinguishable for customers and explains right away what kind of business you offer. Make it ease to spell and pronounced. Some examples include using your last name or words that represent moving like strong. The words strong or reliable are simple words that give customer confidence in your company.

The company name is something you don’t want to change often or at all. If you change your company name then people may not be able to find it again or you will have to build up your clientele and strong reputation all over again. Don’t want a name someone already has, things can get very confusing if that happens. You can make a logo to go along with the name. It will make it more memorable for the customer.

When it comes to moving company names, you want something that shows the strength of the business. This is the name that is going to represent your company.

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3 thoughts on ““What’s In A Name”

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  2. When it comes to the name change it may be very tricky. So before you do any think it twice. It is easy to confuse customers – there is a hundrets of different names out there – yours must stand out.

  3. Interesting, never thought of it like that

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