Starting a Moving Company

moving truckStarting a moving company may be difficult at first, but once you get started it can be very successful. Building clientele and a reputable company are key. Decide on a company name. When it comes to moving company names, you want something that shows the strength of the business. This is the name that is going to represent your company.

Need to purchase all necessary equipment. Does your company offer full service moves or labor only? What services are you are going to provide such as pack/load/unload/unpack?
You can either have your own trucks or rent trucks, although it is easier to have you own truck. Having the ability to provide packing supplies may also be a good addition.
Purchase all the necessary license and insurance. This is different from state to state. Check with your local departments on the permits you will be needing. This is also based on if you drive the truck and whether you are local or long distances movers.

Then you will hire movers: strong people that will be able to handle lifting boxes and furniture all day. When you are on the job site, it is difficult to return customer phone calls and sometimes you are out till late. Having a secretary in the office taking care of all the paperwork could be beneficial.

Advertise – this is where HireAHelper comes into play. Hire A Helper handles the booking and advertising for moving companies which is a way to get clientele and get your company name out there. From there, you can build up customer reviews. Remember, word of mouth is a powerful source.

As with any business you have to do research and learn the business. Moving does have an off season. The summer and holidays are the busiest times so you have to plan accordingly. A bigger crew may be necessary. The winter months are going to be slower.

People move for several reasons: employment, retirement, new environment. Starting a Moving Company does require planning and hard work, but once you have build it up, then you could have a very successful company.


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