Customer Service

At HireAHelper, we do our best to treat our customers as well as possible, and we try to advocate a “the customer is always right” policy. There will always be difficult customers and difficult situations, you can either chose to deal with them by telling the customer they are wrong, or you can take the loss and try not to make an enemy of the customer.

It is better to lose $100 on one job out of every 100, than to lose customers forever and possibly hurt your reputation. It is better to make the customer happy. Remember, word of mouth is a powerful source. I understand that it is inconvenient, but it will avoid making a customer angry which will hurt both your company and ours in the long run. Take the loss with a grain of salt.

This can be difficult sometimes and maybe even unfair, but without customers there would be no jobs, so you can choose which is more important. And think about this. Can you really teach a customer a lesson? Odds are no, because they are just not going to use your services again in the future.

See Seth Godin’s blog:

Remember, we’re all selling the same product (moving labor), the best companies that set themselves apart will be the ones that leave customers happy after every job.