“Going the Extra Mile”

Going the extra mile shows that you care. It is just a little something extra that sets you apart from the rest. That little something extra you do may be the reason customers continue to chose your service over another.

In and out of the business world, going to extra mile can be beneficial and rewarding. Sometimes this may be what it takes to make an impression or increase your company’s profit. It doesn’t have to be something big or extravagant, just a little gesture will work.  At the end of a conversation with a customer, ask “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

It could make an impact on someone else’s life more than you may know. That stranger you smiled at while passing by could have been having a bad day that you just made a little brighter. The sales clerk who pulls some change out of the tip jar because you were short a couple cents. Going the extra mile in some situations may affect the another person more than you personally.

The extra mile can also be categorized as doing the little task that people view as unimportant or don’t think about. For example, doing things your not asked or not part of your job description. In the long run, this could bring in huge profits for your company.