Making Regular Updates to your Website

The main idea is to make sure all the correct information is getting across, clearly and successfully. Content that was written when the website was originally made, may need to be updated as the company develops.

Things may have to be changes or be added as you update the website or change your offers. Rewriting policies to address problems that have arisen. This way when they happen again in the future, there is a policy written that you can refer to. Changes may include promotions that are outdated, addressing issues that customers may not be understanding, and finding out what converts better.

Every couple months or on some kind of regular basis, you should go through all your content and read everything. Make sure it is current information and everything is being addressed clearly. A good place to start is the FAQ’s or Terms and Conditions. Collaborate with the Customer Service Representatives to see what common questions they are getting from customers. Certain content may not be clearly stated enough on the website. For example, at HireAHelper, we recently addressed certain issues that were not explaining themselves clearly enough to customers on our website. The Customer Service Representatives got together with the web developer to make improvements.

This can be discussed in Company Meetings. This will allow the different department to collaborate on what is not working and figure out ways to solve problems that are continuing to arise. Assign tasks to people so it is clear who is doing what and that nothing is getting overlooked.


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