Using Facebook or Twitter as Social Networking for Your Business

There is an ongoing discussion in our office about whether or not using Twitter as social media will help to increase our business by a substantial amount. Or if it is worth taking the time to upkeep it.

Let’s begin with a few stats:
  • Facebook has over 350 millions active users. More than 700,000 local businesses have active pages on Facebook.
  • The average number of tweets per day is about 1.9 million.

People are using Facebook and Twitter as social networking to help spread the word about their company. This could be a good thing, but how much does it help the company? It creates a relationship market. For example, HireAHelper has a Facebook set up where you can become a fan, allowing us to create a relationship with our movers. It’s free, and it couldn’t hurt. Especially, with the popularity that Facebook and Twitter have right now. This is not to say your business will make a profit by doing this, but it will get your company name out there and possibly help you build clientele.

You can create a target audience, promote special offers or events via Facebook, and keep people updated about your business by creating a fan page.

  • It’s free
  • Easy to update
  • Easily accessible through smart phones
  • It may be easy to update, but the down side of that is it has to be constantly updated which could be hassle for some people
  • Doesn’t guarantee an increase in profit

A couple months ago, our credit card processor company went down temporarily, ceasing our ability to allow orders to go through. While this was being fixed, the company were updating their twitter constantly letting their clientele know about the progress being made to solve the problem. This helped to eliminate large amounts of phone calls they would have received about the matter. This is a good example of how Twitter and Facebook is helpful for getting important information out quickly and efficiently.

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