Work Environment Affect Employees Productivity

People spend almost as much time in the office as they do at home, sometimes even more. The average American spends about 8.7 hours a day working and doing work related activities. That is more time than they spend doing anything else on an average day. A work environment affects the productivity that takes place during these long hours.

Places affect a person’s mood and feelings in different ways. Walking into a pitch black room is going to make you feel differently, as opposed to walking into a bright lite room with numerous windows. The environment in which an employee is surrounded by can affect their productivity. There are some things an employee can do to spice up their office life. For example, would you rather come into every day to a empty desk or walk into a section of the office that is personalized just for you? Put pictures on your desk and a name plate. Make it a place you want to come into everyday, whether it is an office or a cubicle.Take breaks so that you come back refreshed and ready to start work again.

For the employer, ask your employees for ideas that may help improve the office environment. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just a little gesture like b
ringing in food. Food is always a good thing to make people happy and productive. Once a week or once a month, the whole office could go to lunch. We do that here at HireAHelper. It provides an opportunity for co-workers to bond outside the office and take a nice break. As an employer, you wants your employees to feel comfortable at work. This will help increase creative thinking and productivity. Celebrate holidays and birthdays in the office by bring in a cake and a couple decorations. It’s the little things that take away the monotony of the every day office life.

This is a place you spend a majority of your time, so it should be a place you feel comfortable.

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