Text Messaging Banned by Department of Transportation

26 percent of people admit to text messaging while driving. And that is only the percent of people who admit to it.

We all know the dangers of talking on the phone while driving. And recently texting has become a problem too. This is a dangerous act to perform while driving, and some people don’t fully realize the effect it can cause. The Department of Transportation has banned text messaging while driving for commercial trucks and bus drivers. This new rule took affect on January 27, 2010, and a severe fee has been set for those who violate this. Cell phones are used a lot for business related work such as communicating with truck drivers who are on the road and delivery companies.

Warn your drivers and employees of this new law. I know a lot of people use their phone for emailing and texting for work, but while you are driving it needs to be avoided.

I think this is a good choice by the Department of Transportation. Big Riggs should not be distracted by cell phones. Those large vehicles can cause major damage if a crash was to occur. This is for the safety of the drivers and everyone else on the road.


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