“You Load, We Drive, You Save”, that is what Movex is all about. Movex is a company that will provide the truck and driver for all long distance moves from any two states. This provides customers with convenience when it comes to planning a move. Not everyone wants to drive a big rental truck across country. With Movex, you don’t have to worry about that. Movex will show up to your location with a truck and professional, experienced driver to take care of the long distance portion of your move. With Movex, you rent by amount of space according to the size house or storage unit you have. The cost is based on the space you use in the trailer. So whether it is a studio apartment or a 4 bedroom house, all you need to do is reserve the space you need.

For even more convenience, use to find local movers for loading and unloading the truck. That way you have taken care of the load, unload, truck, and driving. It is that easy! The best part is both companies are helping the customer to save by giving an alternative to full service moving companies. HireAHelper and Movex are helpful resources for customer’s looking to plan a move.

Receive free quotes for the truck at and for the movers at


2 thoughts on “Movex

  1. This is pretty convenient for people who don’t want to hire movers but I would still rather hire a moving company for my move.

  2. That makes sense, Sterling. That’s why we recommend comparing moving companies at It’s a great idea to shop around, especially with reputable companies like the one you linked – Starving Students.

    But don’t stop with one quote. Be sure to compare their rates and customer referrals with the prices and reviews posted for the hundreds of movers on

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