Making Your Website Easy to Use for Everyone

There are websites that we visit everyday and are more familiar with like Gmail, Facebook, and Google. But there are some sites we visit that we don’t use on a daily basis. So make sure you website is easy to maneuver through, so whether someone is a first time customer or repeat customer, anyone can use it.

Determine what you want viewers to see first. A blurb about the company or an immediate call the action like a “Get Quotes” button. When first coming to a website, visitors should be able to quickly understand what your website is about and easy to use. If people are looking for something in particular and Google has produced hundreds of result, they are only going to spend a couple minutes at each one. So when they land on your page, it needs to be immediately self explanatory to make them stay. If they don’t understand, they will go back to their Google results page and click on another link. So just decide, what you want the first thing for customers to see? What you think will make them stay at your website longer.

For example, is a marketplace for moving labor. Not everyone has moved before. So we want to make our site is usable for those who have moved dozens of times and those that have never moved before. When landing on our home page, there is a “Compare Prices” button and an explanation of the services offered.


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  1. I like the way you seize the substance of the concept, really good writting approach, I enojoyed it!

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