Vacation Time Now That Summer is Over!

I know, I know. Summer is over, why a post about vacations? Well… a couple reasons.

The first is that for the moving industry, Summer is the busy season – NOT  a time for vacations in our office. And as such, my family and I are trying to plan a vacation for this month. October might seem like a weird month to vacation to you, but it works perfectly for us. Plus many of the attractions we’d normally want to go see will be massively less crowded than they would in, say, July. We were originally planning on having a stay home vacation, or staycation as traveling and paying for someplace to stay can usually be a massive expense. But found something that might change our minds – leading me to my second reason for this post…

I found a site that pairs property rental owners with travelers, creating a sort of marketplace to shop through your vacation options. I’m not done shopping yet, but it’s definitely opened some possibilities that might get us out of the house for our vacation. If you still haven’t used your vacation time off this year, checkout for sweet deals on condos and rentals available in your favorite travel destinations.

Vacation Rentals by Owner

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