Chrome Netbook cr-48 Pictures

Just wanted to post some pictures of the new Google Chrome OS Notebook (or Google Chrome netbook – take your pick).  According to the blog post on the Googleblog the test notebooks sent out to the Chrome OS test pilots will be all black with no logos or branding (as seen below) and will have the following specs:

“12.1 inch screens, full-sized keyboards and touch pads, integrated 3G from Verizon, eight hours of battery life and eight days of standby time.”

Here are the test Google Chrome notebook pictures:

Picture of Chrome Netbook CR-48

A picture of the Google Netbook used for testing the Chrome OS

Image of the test Google Chrome Netbook CR-48

The Google Chrome Netbook CR-48 - No branding or stickers

The Chrome Netbook Open

The Google Netbook Pictured From the Side

Google Chrome Notebook CR-48

Another picture of the Chrome Netbook CR-48

Update 2/15/20011 – My wife and I recently each received our very own Google Chrome OS CR-48 Netbooks. I wrote a post about the unboxing of them here.


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  1. Someone reached the 8 hours battery life?

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