Newest Chrome OS Screenshots

It’s finally happening – Google, after a failed attempt to compete in the cell phone manufacture industry, has decided to try and step on some Notebook Operating System toes by coming out with a private, invite-only beta not-for-sale version of their Chrome Netbook cr-48 running the new Chrome OS ( see screen captures of the new Chrome OS below).

Screenshot of the Chrome OS Login Screen

Screenshot of the Chrome OS Login Screen

The login screen can be edited to include multiple users and a guest account.

Image of Chrome OS Desktop

Screenshot of Chrome OS Desktop

The Chrome OS opens to a desktop that is actually just the same thing as the Google Chrome browser.

Image of Chrome OS Chat

Chrome OS screenshot of the chat pop up that stays on top off all tabs/apps.

The notification pop ups, like the chat windows, stay on top of all tabs and apps.


Chrome OS Chat Panels

Chrome OS Chat Panel Stays on Top

In Chrome OS you won’t have to switch between windows to chat and browse/work – but you will have to find a convenient space for that ever present chat window to stay – a plus or minus?


Screenshot of Chrome OS Alert Notifications

An example of Chrome OS Alert Notifications


Screenshot of New Chrome OS set to be on Verizon Network

Image of built in WiFi or Verizon Data network on the Chrome OS

Select from available WiFi networks in the area or use the Verizon Network conveniently built into the Chrome OS. If rumors are true and I can end up getting my hands on one of these I can use my iPhone and my Google Notebook all on one Verizon plan.

Screenshot of the Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store - Apps for your Google Product...

You can’t have a completely cloud based Google Chrome computer with no software without having an App store – so here’s Google’s Chrome Web Store.

Stay tuned for pictures of the new Google Chrome OS Notebook.


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