Move For Hunger Road Trip!

Good morning fellow internet goers!

Logo of Move For HungerOn our last exciting adventure I told you all about a company called Move For Hunger – they collect canned food to benefit local food banks and feed hungry Americans. Today I am reporting that Move For Hunger’s crew just completed a road trip across America collecting food and visiting food banks! You can check out quick video updates from each stop and read Adam’s thoughts on his experiences at their Mover For Hunger Events page. Their last stop was Phoenix, AZ before heading home, back east. Please do your best to help the starving people of America and donate to your local food bank or contact the people at Move For Hunger. Even a little bit can go a long way!

Check out the most recent events and posts on their facebook page at or read my write up about their cause. Check out some other people doing good for others.


2 thoughts on “Move For Hunger Road Trip!

  1. Interesting name of your company (Move For Hunger ). I really appreciated your work .Keep it up man.

  2. John is right. your company name is interesting. You are working for society. I think this initiative is very much appreciable. Keep the good work continue. God bless.

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