Moving Con Men Myths – Counterpoint to The Daily Finance Blog

A post showed up recently on the Daily Finance blog that pointed out the terror of full service moves, called “How to Tell When the Moving Man Is a Con Man.” I agree with most of the points as valid regarding movers and how customers should be cautious when trusting someone with belongings. However, there are a couple of proposed “indications” of an illegitimate company that aren’t always true.

Image of Cowboy BanditsThe post highlights a warning that demanding for payment upfront is a sign of a shady business. I’d have to respectfully disagree as our company charges before each move to protect the customer (and have done so on the several thousand moves we’ve booked over the past 4 years). When booking a move, HireAHelper takes the customer’s credit or debit card info and charges the card 1 day before the order, eliminating the worry of having to hand the helper cash. Pre-charging the customer’s card also stops the mover from coming up with bogus extra charges at the end, as many movers do when they see cash come out of a customer’s pocket. And the old trick of holding a customer’s items hostage in the truck till they pay no longer works because the company knows their payment doesn’t come directly from the customer, but rather through HireAHelper – a neutral 3rd party, bringing accountability to the situation. Payment isn’t sent to the movers till the customer calls HireAHelper to confirm the move was completed successfully. On top of that, every customer gets to leave an honest review on their hired company’s profile. HireAHelper has a strict company policy to never edit customer reviews.

Through this method, movers on HireAHelper are NOT allowed to add any “surprise costs” or fees to a move! On local jobs, movers are simply paid based on total hours used, not an elusive weight that might change upon arrival. The only extra charge would be for extra hours which can be purchased at the end of the job for the hourly fee that was clearly printed in the customer’s email confirmation when the move was booked.

Many HireAHelper moving companies WILL do an in-home estimate IF they believe it is needed after seeing the job description. For example, if you are moving a 4 bedroom house from New York to Florida, they might want to let you know how long it will take! Ask a friendly HireAHelper customer service representative to see if this may apply to your move! Helpers are not required to do an in home estimate on labor jobs (for example loading a truck) and a high majority of move jobs booked through HireAHelper are completed in the time estimated without an in home visual estimate.

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3 thoughts on “Moving Con Men Myths – Counterpoint to The Daily Finance Blog

  1. This is such wonderful information. Thanks I’ll be using it in the future.

  2. Nice post, however I don’t think that there is a mover out there who will unload the truck before they have been paid?? Every established company’s policy requires payment before unloading the truck at delivery. Do you charge the customer for the whole amount a day before the move?

    • There are actually several thousand movers out there right now loading AND unloading trucks before getting paid. We charge for every order 1 day before the job, then hold the funds until after the move is complete. The movers know the money is there but don’t receive it till after the job is complete and the customer authorizes us to release it to the helper. Safer for the customer, and guaranteed payment for the mover if they complete the job to the customer’s satisfaction.

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