When Gypsy Moth’s Attack

Scene from Godzilla vs. Mothra (Video after the break)

We’ve been hearing some disturbing news that a group of Gypsy Moths have banded together to create a plot to take over the world. No this isn’t a twisted Pinky and the Brain cartoon, and while I might have exaggerated a little in saying they’re trying to take over the world, the truth is, Gypsy Moths are harmful to new eco-systems. When people move it’s easy for these little guys to travel too, stow-away style. Thanks to the USDA for this cute & cuddly video of little fuzzballs reminding moving families to check their stuff before bringing these little monsters with them to their new home. For more info check out http://yourmovegypsymothfree.com/

Photo credit: godzilla.wikia.com


One thought on “When Gypsy Moth’s Attack

  1. they are always trying to take over the world. I thought the Godzilla pic is cute.

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