7 Funniest Pictures of People Moving

A friend emailed me some funny pictures he’d found in a partner’s stock photography that related to moving. He said he didn’t mind if I shared the images, so for your viewing pleasure, checkout these 7 funny pictures of people moving and packing:

7) Can’t afford a ticket to Hawaii? Ship yourself.


6) This one is just creepy


5) I bet the movers would hate your family a lot less if you got off the couch while they moved it. But maybe that’s just me.


Packing Cardboard Boxes

4) I never knew packing boxes could be such a family-oriented activity.


3) “Honey, how long do you think it’ll take the kids to realize this isn’t a real roller coaster ride?”


2) “Charles… quit sticking your tongue out!!”


1) Washed up boy band starts a moving company


Image credit: stock photos

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