Can I Use Movers With My Own Truck?


If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll remember that I’m from rural Nebraska. Whenever I’ve moved in the past, my big, strong farmer boy cousins have done all the heavy lifting. They packed everything in their trailers and pickups and basically served as my own personal moving company. All I seriously had to do was help organize, pack and box all my belongings. However, as I dream about moving south after grad school, I realize a long distance move won’t really work for my beefy cousins because let’s face it, they can’t ask the neighbor to feed their livestock and harvest their wheat just so I can get moved! The most I can ask of them is to get me loaded on this side of my move.

To be honest, I didn’t know hiring moving labor alone was even an option. I assumed you had two options: 1. You could hire a moving company with a truck, who would load, drive, and unload; or 2. You could rent a truck (or borrow one) and load everything yourself, along with whichever friends and family members you could gin up.

Little did I know that secret option number 3 existed! I can rent my own truck and hire people to load and unload everything for me. I mean, Nebraska girls are tough but carrying couches and furniture solo is not how we roll. Hiring moving labor brings me back to my packing and boxing routine with the added responsibility of driving the rental truck. I’m fine with that idea as long as I don’t have to drive an enormous truck in the downtown traffic of some major city. No thank you! The cool thing is that I can scrap the rental truck idea altogether and leave the driving to PODS or 1800PackRat. They drop off a storage container at your place to pack/load, then pick it back up and deliver it to your new location.  It’s the best idea ever.

So I now have a game plan for my next move. Rent a storage container through PODS or 1800PackRat and hire moving labor to unload at my destination. Boom. Solved.

Have you had experience driving a rental truck or hiring moving labor? Share any lessons and tips you’ve learned along the way below!


About the Author: Victoria is thoroughly enjoying the summer heat and getting outdoors whenever possible. She is taking the summer off from grad classes and working for HireAHelper. It is a nice change of pace!

Photo courtesy of Pirate Alice.