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Shameless Plug – For Teachers – Online Gradebooks

This is a plug for an online gradebook site that a friend of mine has. Check it out at Free Online Gradebook.

They provide reviews for all the online gradebooks on the web. Its a good example of what one person can do with a little spare time. Check it out or recommend it to your friends and family who are teachers!



A House of Brands – Breaking the Scalability Barrier

A congratulations is in order for the people of, they managed to make the next step in successful entrepreneurship – taking what works on a small scale and mirroring it for a new market.

Someone once told me that getting to $1million in sales isn’t nearly as hard as getting to $1.00.

Having surpass the $1 (and I’m assuming the $1million) mark a long time ago – the people at PS have made what I think has to be the next most difficult step – taking a business model designed for one industry (plumbing supplies) and apply it to a new industry outdoor gear (things like backpacks, gerber knives, and tents)

Take a look at the two sites: and – they did a really good job – congrats guys!

b5 BlogWorldExpo Booth

We are at BlogWorldExpo this week promoting hireahelper. By far the best presenter so far is
b5 Media, they are giving away poker chips to play for a playstation 3. You get the chips by stealing conference schwag from their competitors. Awesome.