Say Hello to San Diego’s 23rd Fastest Growing Company!

It’s official, made the Inc. 500 | 5000 list! We were hoping to make it into the elite 500, but we’re definitely proud to be the 974th fastest growing company in the USA and ecstatic to report the 442% growth we’ve been blessed to achieve over the three year period from 2009-2012. Next year, Inc. 500, we’re coming for a coveted top 500 spot.

On top of that, we’re elated to announce that we’ve been ranked the 29th fastest growing transportation and logistics company. It’s hard to categorize our business in the moving industry – explaining our business as a “moving labor marketplace” gets a lot a blank stares in response. So, even though we’re not actually a moving company (we’re not even a moving broker), we still associate most closely with the “transportation and logistics” sector.

As proud San Diegans, our favorite honor to report is that we’ve been named the 23rd fastest growing company in the San Diego metropolitan area.

Inc 500 San Diego's 23rd Fastest Growing Company

We’re thankful to a lot of people for helping us grow this fast: God; our co-founders Mike & Pete; the incredible HireAHelper team of customer service reps, developers, and directors; and a HUGE thanks to our loyal customers and the hardworking service providers that choose to list their service with us.

Here’s to another year of growth and progress towards a better way to move.

– Daniel Horning


How to Get the Maximum Number of Jobs on HireAHelper

The short answer in three steps to more jobs:

1. Attract EVERY Customer

2. Do 5 Star Work on EVERY Job

3. Get EVERY Customer to Leave A Review

Too simple?

Here’s the longer, but much more helpful explanation behind the three steps to more jobs:

1. Attract EVERY Customer

Whether you’re new to the site, or competing neck & neck with another helper to rank first as the top rated provider in your area, you’ve got to be the most compelling option to every set of eyes that sees your listing. There are 2 ways to do that:

Be The Cheapest Mover or Day Laborer

Customers are prone to scrolling down the list of helpers looking for a great deal. So what if you’re at the bottom? If you list the absolute lowest price on a couple of movers in your town, thrifty customers will find your listing and book you to help them. You don’t have to be the cheapest forever, but it definitely helps get those extra few customers (and their glowing reviews) right when you need them to push you up in the rankings.

To be the cheapest you also need to be aware of what your competition is charging. Go to and enter your zip code (or better yet the zip code of the biggest nearby city) and a date a few weeks in the future, and you’ll see a list of the other moving companies or day labor crews and their pricing.

Give the Best Description

I’m amazed at the hundreds of poorly written helper descriptions I come across every day. I’ve seen almost every written error you can make, all within helper description boxes. If a customer sees your listing in the HireAHelper results as being equal to your competitors on price and reviews, then the only thing left pushing them to book you is a better description. Make it excellent!

Is the description of your day labor or moving service well written, friendly, and informative? Or does it read like a sloppy sales pitch?

A Great Example from DNG Services LLC

Give customers a behind-the-scenes look at your company. Is it a family run business? Have you moved people in your hometown for 30 years? Do you bring tools to every order? Do you assemble & dis-assemble furniture? Stating facts about your company and how you operate will build customer confidence in your service much more than claiming to be “the best move you’ll ever make.”

If your description sounds sloppy, the customer will think your movers are sloppy. If a customer feels pressured while reading it, they’ll worry about feeling pressured during the move. If it sounds helpful and friendly, customers will expect your crew to be helpful and friendly.

2. Do 5 Star Work on EVERY Job

Do work that is so good, even your mother would be impressed. Five star review-type effort isn’t good enough – I’m talking about six star quality. Doing that kind of work (and training your crews to work that hard) means you can ask every single customer for a review, without fear, and know that the customers who do leave a review will rave about your service.

3. Get EVERY Customer to Leave A Review

Explain to the customer how important posting a review is to you staying profitable. It may only be 5 minutes and a few clicks to the customer, but they need to know that to you, their review means keeping the lights on, paying for Tiny Tim to go to college, or keeping gas in the truck.

4. *BONUS* Be Ready to Say Yes to Last Minute Job Requests

I know, I said there were 3 tips, but I think you’re so cool for reading to the end that I’m throwing in a bonus tip. Surprisingly enough we get lots of visitors to and phone calls from customers looking for same day or next day help with their moving job or labor project. A lot of the top ranked companies get booked up early and aren’t available, which opens up the field for the rest of you. If you can be ready and available to say yes at the last minute to odd requests, they can be a great source of customers in a pinch who are ready to leave happier-than-normal reviews if the job is done well.

So there you have it, some tips on getting more moving and day labor jobs booked to your account on If you’re a moving company or day labor office looking to buy moving leads or labor project leads, we can offer one better – actual customers with booked reservations. Check out more details on our application page here:

By Daniel Horning

Chrome Netbook cr-48 Pictures

Just wanted to post some pictures of the new Google Chrome OS Notebook (or Google Chrome netbook – take your pick).  According to the blog post on the Googleblog the test notebooks sent out to the Chrome OS test pilots will be all black with no logos or branding (as seen below) and will have the following specs:

“12.1 inch screens, full-sized keyboards and touch pads, integrated 3G from Verizon, eight hours of battery life and eight days of standby time.”

Here are the test Google Chrome notebook pictures:

Picture of Chrome Netbook CR-48

A picture of the Google Netbook used for testing the Chrome OS

Image of the test Google Chrome Netbook CR-48

The Google Chrome Netbook CR-48 - No branding or stickers

The Chrome Netbook Open

The Google Netbook Pictured From the Side

Google Chrome Notebook CR-48

Another picture of the Chrome Netbook CR-48

Update 2/15/20011 – My wife and I recently each received our very own Google Chrome OS CR-48 Netbooks. I wrote a post about the unboxing of them here.

Newest Chrome OS Screenshots

It’s finally happening – Google, after a failed attempt to compete in the cell phone manufacture industry, has decided to try and step on some Notebook Operating System toes by coming out with a private, invite-only beta not-for-sale version of their Chrome Netbook cr-48 running the new Chrome OS ( see screen captures of the new Chrome OS below).

Screenshot of the Chrome OS Login Screen

Screenshot of the Chrome OS Login Screen

The login screen can be edited to include multiple users and a guest account.

Image of Chrome OS Desktop

Screenshot of Chrome OS Desktop

The Chrome OS opens to a desktop that is actually just the same thing as the Google Chrome browser.

Image of Chrome OS Chat

Chrome OS screenshot of the chat pop up that stays on top off all tabs/apps.

The notification pop ups, like the chat windows, stay on top of all tabs and apps.


Chrome OS Chat Panels

Chrome OS Chat Panel Stays on Top

In Chrome OS you won’t have to switch between windows to chat and browse/work – but you will have to find a convenient space for that ever present chat window to stay – a plus or minus?


Screenshot of Chrome OS Alert Notifications

An example of Chrome OS Alert Notifications


Screenshot of New Chrome OS set to be on Verizon Network

Image of built in WiFi or Verizon Data network on the Chrome OS

Select from available WiFi networks in the area or use the Verizon Network conveniently built into the Chrome OS. If rumors are true and I can end up getting my hands on one of these I can use my iPhone and my Google Notebook all on one Verizon plan.

Screenshot of the Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store - Apps for your Google Product...

You can’t have a completely cloud based Google Chrome computer with no software without having an App store – so here’s Google’s Chrome Web Store.

Stay tuned for pictures of the new Google Chrome OS Notebook.