How Can I Help My Senior Parents Move To A Smaller Home?

King of the Castle by Mart Wegman

King of the Castle by Mart Wegman

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably stressing over your parents’ or grandparents’ health, safety, finances and possibly social isolation. However, your parents and grandparents are most likely focused on how to fight to keep their home and how they’re going to manage. For many seniors, their home has been their home for decades. After all, “Home is where the heart is!”

Make no mistake about it; even with a full list of logical reasons to make a move, it will be a difficult and emotional life transition. The most important issue to consider when helping your senior family members prepare for a move is their emotional state. Continue reading


Moving Secret #347: How to Eat Well and Exercise During a Move

Pack a Lunch


Moving is ranked as one of the top three most stressful life events. Here at HireAHelper, we want to prepare you for the different aspects of your move so it’s not as stressful! One such aspect that may not have crossed your mind is the issue of healthy eating and exercise during your move. But when you think about it, proper exercise and nutrition are two of the best ways to cope with stress! Unfortunately, pizza and beer are the age-old standard food groups when moving. Here are some ways to avoid the greasy cheese, eat well, and still have an empty kitchen when you leave.


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Tips for Moving to Tampa, FL

Flag photo courtesy Ed Group

Photo courtesy Ed Group

Moving south to Tampa? You’ve chosen a top-notch city. It’s received commendations in several areas. Washington Square News listed Tampa as one of the top cities for “twenty-somethings” and Forbes magazine calls it the “5th best outdoor city.” If you have kids, you’ll be happy to hear that Newsweek listed twelve of Tampa’s High Schools in their list of America’s Best High Schools. For a bit of fun in the sun, check out these sites and attractions Tampa has to offer!

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Plan Your Entire Move Online With These Tools

I put in a lot of hours over the last few weeks, shoulder to shoulder with HireAHelper CEO Mike Glanz and teammates Ryan and Victoria, piecing together a list of all the free web tools available that make planning a move online easier than ever. Everything from change of address help and mail forwarding to self-storage and truck rental reservations can be handled online, believe it or not. Well, the day has come! The list is complete and we were honored to see it published on Monday to the Huffington Post! If you or your friends are moving soon we hope it helps you find everything you need. Leave a comment or tweet at us if something you needed isn’t covered on that list – we probably know where to find it.

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