Tips for Moving to Tampa, FL

Flag photo courtesy Ed Group

Photo courtesy Ed Group

Moving south to Tampa? You’ve chosen a top-notch city. It’s received commendations in several areas. Washington Square News listed Tampa as one of the top cities for “twenty-somethings” and Forbes magazine calls it the “5th best outdoor city.” If you have kids, you’ll be happy to hear that Newsweek listed twelve of Tampa’s High Schools in their list of America’s Best High Schools. For a bit of fun in the sun, check out these sites and attractions Tampa has to offer!

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How to Pick Your New Hometown


Okay so this post is for the wandering souls, like myself, who dream about moving somewhere new but don’t know just where that might be. I’m currently working on my Master’s degree in Nebraska but dreaming about moving somewhere warmer and more exciting after graduation!


What do you want?

First things first. What do you want in your new hometown? Would you like to live in a rural area, major city, or somewhere in-between? Do you want to go somewhere totally new or live within a certain distance from family and friends? What kind of culture is important to you? Maybe Broadway shows? Professional sports? Thai food? How about recreational activities? Do you like to hike? Surf? Play disc golf? Consider the type of climate you desire. Is snow at Christmastime important to you? If yes, I wouldn’t move anywhere below 40 degrees latitude! However, if you’re like me, I wouldn’t mind living in the tropics 365 days a year. Bring on the heat and humidity! Everyone is different so it’s really important to reflect on which things are important to you (and your family, if you have one). Below, you’ll find several different qualities to look into when researching possible new hometowns.

job marketOccupational Considerations
This should be at the top of your list when looking at various cities. After all, you can’t survive in a city if you hate your job or can’t even find a job! One way to connect to local professionals and companies is through Not only can you connect with these networks, you can also search for jobs, apply for jobs and improve your career. First, make sure to build up your profile with all you’ve done and also connect with as many people as you can. Upload resumes, professional letters and a professional-looking photo. This network is a great way to make connections and get things done before you even make your move. It will also give you a sense of the job market in different cities. is another great resource for checking out job listings throughout the country. The site will show you salary information, company reviews, CEO reviews and all sorts of helpful reports.

money money!Can you afford it?
After you find a couple places that have a good outlook on the job situation, consider the salary you’ll likely have in relation to the cost of living for that location. This may take a bit of research but it shouldn’t be too bad. Google is your friend! Check out the different housing options and take a look at this site that lists the prices for all sorts of random items, from a pair of jeans to a gallon of gas. Shout out requests for information on your social media sites, too. It’s a small world and you likely know someone or have a friend of a friend who has the skinny on the city you’re researching.

school girlHave children? Education and Safety Ranks
If you’re a parent, one thing you’ve got at the forefront of your mind is how the city ranks in terms of education. is a site that offers reviews, test scores and ranks of different schools. But again, use Google and do as much research as you can. In my opinion, education is one of the best gifts you can give your kids. It’s worth a bit of effort to make sure the cities you’re researching have quality education systems!

As far as safety and crime statistics, calling local police departments would be the easiest and best resource to utilize. If they don’t have the actual information, they’ll know who will!

bikeCan you see yourself there?

Finally, ask yourself whether or not you can really see yourself enjoying life there! Do you like the local culture and climate? Can you picture your family fitting in? Is it a place you think would benefit your career? After all your research, you should feel a sense of excitement and expectation. If you don’t, it probably isn’t a place you’re genuinely excited about or would be happy with. Don’t make a leap if you can’t get excited.

Happy dreaming and researching! And please, if you can think of any other resources for those of us still dreaming, share them below. Share your experience, share your tips.

About the author: Victoria is, like she said, dreaming of a warmer climate and a city where she has access to some fantastic Thai food. As she works her way through grad school by working for HireAHelper, she enjoys fishing, stargazing and quality time with family and friends in her downtime.

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Charlotte City Guide


Moving to Charlotte?  You’re entering a locale rich in history and culture! Here is a little bit of everything you need to know to explore your new digs.

Museums & the Arts

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art features the most significant and impressionistic art of 20th century European and American artists. They also have various exhibitions that alternate throughout the year.

Blumenthal Performing Arts

Both children and adults alike will find a world of fun and exciting educational activities at the Discovery Place.  Explore different ecosystems from across the globe and become an innovator in the Think It Up area.  Don’t forget to check out what’s playing in their IMAX theater, where you can experience 3D tornadoes and butterflies firsthand.

Or if  you’re looking for something more along the lines of Broadway shows, comedy acts, dance, music or something for the kiddos, the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center has it all! Check out their packed schedule of entertainment here.

Food & Dining:

From hole-in-the-wall dives to fine French cuisine, Charlotte has what you seek! If you want a local fave, check out Queen City Q, named after the city’s nickname, the “Queen City.” Your sense of smell will alert you to the savory barbeque even before you get to the door!

Attractions & Entertainment:

A great place to start looking for Charlotte area entertainment is For a bit of old-school fun, Park Lanes provides not only bowling lanes but also an outside deck for dining, including a Moonshine bar.  Keep it casual or join one of the leagues if you’re a bit more competitive!

For thrill seekers, the “thrill capital of the southeast” is located only 15 minutes from uptown Charlotte. Carowinds is home to the longest, fastest roller coaster in the southeast United States. In addition to their thriller rides, they have Planet Snoopy with kiddy rides and Boomerang Bay, which has water rides and attractions. With live entertainment, dinosaur digs and delicious food vendors, Carowinds is a great getaway for the whole family.


NASCAR requires its own section for Charlotte entertainment! If you’re going to live in Charlotte, NASCAR races are one thing you’ll need to partake in at least once. Though NASCAR is an international sport, 90% of NASCAR race teams are based out of the Charlotte area. The sport of NASCAR, boasting 75 million fans, is ranked second in the nation, topped only by the National Football League (NFL).  The Charlotte Motor Speedway hosts three major NASCAR races – the Coca-Cola 600, the Sprint All-Star Race and the Bank of America 500. However there are many alternative events you may attend, as they hold over 380 events annually!


In the NASCAR Hall of Fame, take a stroll down NASCAR memory lane. See the drivers who started it all and made history or rent a viewing room for the greatest races of all time.

If you want the “real deal” experience of driving an actual racecar, the NASCAR Racing Experience is where you need to go. You’re allowed to purchase packages that put you in the driver’s seat of a real racecar and zoom around the track without a lead car! This is for the ultimate NASCAR fans.

Sites to See

Looking for the world’s largest man-made whitewater river? Look no further, the US National Whitewater Center is where it’s at.  Not only can you raft the rapids but you can also enjoy dining events like microbrew tasting and fireside dinners!

For the green thumbs out there, Charlotte offers a beautiful botanical garden. At the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, you can wander through the different areas and pavilions or take a class on photography. The Garden even hosts children’s birthday parties where young guests can pot their own plant and take part in a scavenger hunt!

If you’re looking for more of a full-day or overnight trip, consider the Biltmore Estate. Vanderbilt’s estate covers 8,000 acres located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In addition to the beautiful château, the location contains a winery, unique shopping, dining options and a beautiful garden designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead, who also designed New York City’s Central Park.


Sports Center

For sports fans, you won’t be disappointed! Charlotte is home to several professional teams. Avid football fans can cheer on the NFL Carolina Panthers at the Bank of America Stadium.  Those who follow the NBA (National Basketball Association) will remember Muggsy Bogues, shortest player ever in the NBA, who played for the Charlotte Hornets back in the 80s and 90s. Charlotte’s team is currently called the Bobcats but will retain the Hornets’ name again, beginning in 2014! The Major League Lacrosse (MLL) has a team based here called the Charlotte Hounds.

Pet Lovers

One thing you’ll need after moving is a place for your four-legged children to be pampered. Pet Paradise Resort offers grooming, daycare, training and even boarding! The Charlotte location is only one mile from the Charlotte International Airport, which makes dropping off your beloved pet before your flight quick and easy!


Billy Graham

Explore the 40,000 square-foot library and learn about the life and legacy of “America’s Pastor,” at the Billy Graham Library. On site is the Graham family homeplace, bookstore, prayer garden and dairy bar.

By Victoria Volkman

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How Do I Adjust To A New City Far From Home?

lady libertyIf you’re a bit anxious about picking up shop and relocating to a completely different city or area of the country (or globe), don’t feel bad. You’re totally normal! While transition is never easy, attitude and perspective are the two things that will “make” your transition. View this new move as an adventure! How often do we get the opportunity to make a whole new life for ourselves? Relocating allows us to start fresh, create new networks, develop new hobbies and much more! Enter your new life with excitement and hope. The following five tips will help you have a positive attitude and perspective when acclimating to your new city!

1.  Be Where You Are

This may seem elementary but it’s a real challenge not to hold tightly to friends and family back home. You may want to fly/drive home every weekend or month because you’re homesick or simply because you miss those connections with loved ones. I’m not saying you need to totally ditch old family and friends but be intentional about making an effort to become involved in your new city.  There are good people everywhere!

2.  Get Out There

As you make an effort to be present in your new city, take the next step by putting yourself out there. Google fun things to do in your city, make a dessert for your neighbor (if your cooking won’t kill!), take a walk around your neighborhood, and check out the local markets. Visit a few different churches or sign up for a painting class. Bottom line – don’t become a hermit, connected only to Facebook or watching TV. Get out there and meet some new people! You won’t enjoy your new city if you’re hulled up in your apartment alone. You could be in the most boring, small-town in the country but if you had good friends with you, it would be the best place ever. Connect!

3.  Find A Local Outlet For Your Hobbies

One way to really connect with people who have similar interests is to make sure you’re partaking in your favorite hobby. Whatever it is that rejuvenates you, you don’t have to leave that behind just because you’re in a new place. Whether that’s painting, biking, joining a Bible study, volunteering, or playing league volleyball, find a way to make that happen in your new city. Finding those outlets will allow you to feel like yourself even in a new place.

4.  Be Confident & Comfortable In Your Skin!

By now, half of you are excited and the other half are thinking, “I am way too shy to do this!” All I have to say is that I’m sure you’re awesome! You won’t connect with everyone but there are definitely people who you’ll hit it off with. Be comfortable in your own skin. My mom always said, “there are good people everywhere.” I’ve discovered this to be true! Just be yourself and relax. Most people are always a bit nervous when meeting new people, so you’re in good company. And if you’re doing things you already love (hobbies), you’ll instantly have something in common.

5.  Give yourself time to build a name and connections…

Finally, give yourself a break!  It takes time to build new friendships and networks. Don’t stress if you don’t feel like you fit in right away or that your co-workers haven’t seen how lucky they are to have you! Anything worth much takes time.

Good luck with your new move and enjoy this new adventure! For those of you who have already gone through a major transition, please share your experiences and tips with those who are just making that move.


About  the Author: Victoria is a grad student in Nebraska and is currently savoring the summer sunshine. This summer she is taking a break from classes by working with HireAHelper and loving it!

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Moving to Houston? Read This First!


So you’re packing up and moving to Houston! You are headed in a great direction. Whether you’re transitioning for work or merely in search of a warmer climate, Houston is a happening city full of rich culture. From shopping, art, and entertainment to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, there is something for everyone.

children's museumFamily & Kid-Friendly

If you happen to have kids in your crew, check out the Downtown Aquarium. It boasts a 500,000 gallon aquarium with more than 200 aquatic species from across the globe. In addition to the amazing aquatic exhibits, there are games and rides. It’s a fun attraction for the whole family.

The Children’s Museum of Houston is also a great place to visit. Inside, kiddos can tour Kidtropolis, the city for kids, run by kids! They can run for office, use an ATM, shop in the grocery store and even own a business. Along with having fun, kids learn how to manage money and work alongside their peers.

Sites & Attractions

Whether you have kids, or not, museums are a major advantage of Houston life. At the top of this list is the Houston Museum of Natural Science, which has eleven permanent exhibits, including Paleontology, Ancient Egypt and Energy Hall, as well as various special exhibits. One of the current popular exhibits in their planetarium is Experience the Aurora, which was created by photographers over the course of seven months using “all-sky” lenses in the Arctic Circle. It allows you to experience the Aurora Borealis, commonly known as “Northern Lights.”


And as long as you are standing in awe of the world we live in, you may as well take a trip to Johnson Space Center, where you can have lunch with an astronaut and discover what it’s like to live in space. There are several different tours you can take of the station. The advantage to actually living in Houston is that you can purchase annual memberships and if you’re a student or educator, you can participate in different camps and programs offered throughout the year.


Beyond museums, Houston offers all types of entertainment ranging from rodeos, athletics and parades to fine arts. The largest rodeo in Texas, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, lasts the entire month of March each year. Many people go just to see the concerts, whether you’re a country fan or not!


For free concerts and events, visit Discovery Green downtown. They have a wide selection of activities from yoga, young writers classes and boat rides to concerts and running trails for you and your four-legged friend.

Houston also has world-class entertainment in the realm of fine arts. The Houston ballet offers famous showings throughout the year like Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. If, like me, you have not had much experience with the opera, Houston’s Grand Opera will help you enter that world with ease. They have lectures and symposiums to prepare you for the real deal! For something more along the lines of Broadway musicals, you’re in luck. Houston actually has Broadway plays! Their theater schedule is bound to keep you entertained. Finally, our orchestra lovers are not left behind with the Houston symphony performing hits, such as the scores from the 2003 blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean.

If sports and athletics are your deal, you have a wide variety of choices from watching the pros to playing yourself. For major league baseball fans, pull on your navy blue and orange gear and take a trip to Minute Maid Ballpark in support of the Astros! NBA fans may choose to spend more time in the Toyota Center, cheering on the Rockets. Or if you want to get in on supporting the youngest franchise in the NFL, the Houston Texans joined in 2003. You could join this legendary fan base from its near beginnings! (Impress existing fans with a little trivia: there are two teams to which the Houston Texans have never lost – the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins.) Soccer fans have the Dynamos and though Houston rarely has natural snow and ice, hockey fans have the Aeros!


For the more shopping-focused crowd, you are in luck because Houston is home to the largest mall in all of Texas – The Galleria. The upscale mall hosts over 375 stores, several dining options, an indoor ice-skating rink, arcade and much more. The mall contains two Westin hotels and even has three office towers, one of which houses a financial center. A short distance from the mall will also lead you to one of the city’s most photographed location, the Water Wall.

If you are looking for a more laid back shopping atmosphere, Old Town Springs is your spot. The Springs has a long list of shops and places to eat as well as events like their Texas Crawfish & Music Festival. You almost take a step back in time when entering this historic, turn of the century railroad town.


After a long day out on the town, there is no doubt food will be on your radar. And Houston has whatever your taste buds are craving! They’ve got everything from Greek, like Niko Nikos to Tex-Mex. Tex-Mex is the most famous in the region so if you want something local, head to Pappasitos. At either of these places, count on getting there ahead of time because there is always a line for their spectacular dishes!

What’s Nearby?

While there is enough within Houston to keep you busy for a long time, you are also not far from some really great spots. For instance, Glaveston, Texas is an hour from downtown Houston and has beaches, shops and restaurants.

About the Author: Victoria is trudging away in her Master’s classes while working for HireAHelper. She’s in love with her dog, Lilly, and enjoys summer thunderstorms, stars and road trips! Go Huskers!

(Photo courtesies: JLabrador, Sikeri, JD Hancock, Eschipul, and dionhinchcliffe