Tips for Moving to Tampa, FL

Flag photo courtesy Ed Group

Photo courtesy Ed Group

Moving south to Tampa? You’ve chosen a top-notch city. It’s received commendations in several areas. Washington Square News listed Tampa as one of the top cities for “twenty-somethings” and Forbes magazine calls it the “5th best outdoor city.” If you have kids, you’ll be happy to hear that Newsweek listed twelve of Tampa’s High Schools in their list of America’s Best High Schools. For a bit of fun in the sun, check out these sites and attractions Tampa has to offer!

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Happy National Moving Day!

National Moving Day

That’s right, it’s official! Our friends at self-storage marketplace have declared that today is National Moving Day (the Tuesday after Memorial Day). It’s the busiest day of the year for self-storage facilities (the last Saturday in June is the busiest day of the year for movers according to our handy moving infographic).

Their research shows that moving is becoming a pretty popular activity (1 in 6 US adults moved in the last year) and as such, they wanted to kick off the busy summer moving season by sharing the results of their massive study on moving America as well as some tips from key moving industry players. Our very own CEO, Mike Glanz, was even mentioned!

Are you moving? Where to? What caused the move? A new job? School? Family? Leave a comment.

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Do Movers Charge Extra for Stairs?

Do Movers Charge Extra for Stairs?


This question comes in all the time from people when they are getting ready to hire movers. It’s a great question to ask yourself as you prepare for those extra fees that always seem to pop up! However, after picking the brains of some of my veteran co-workers who have worked several years for HireAHelper and speaking with various other moving companies, I’ve discovered that most movers don’t charge extra for stairs, especially if you’re on the third floor or below.

It also depends on the region of the country you live in. For instance, the east coast has more movers who charge extra for stairs simply because so many of their customers live in high-rise apartments. As a girl from Nebraska, my first thought when hearing that some companies charge this extra fee was that it was just another way some moving companies try to gouge customers. But after imagining workers carrying couches and dressers down twenty flights of stairs, my heart softened a little for their choice to charge extra!

While there is no universal answer to this question, my best advice would be to ask each moving company about their particular stair policy. Another great resource is to check as most of the helpers will specify in their description whether or not they charge for stairs. It makes it super easy to compare the different companies and their costs!

About the author: Victoria is a grad student in Nebraska, working for HireAHelper. She loves her dog and is incredibly happy at the arrival of summer!

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How Much Does it Cost to Move?

TL;DR – A move in town can cost between $200-$400 to rent a truck and hire loading help. A move across the country can cost upwards of $3,000-$5,000.

I almost feel silly writing an answer to such a big question in just one blog post, but it gets asked so often and searched for so frequently on the web that I felt compelled to offer some sort of guidance (read our more specific guide to New York moving costs here). How much your move will cost depends mostly on how large your pile of stuff is and how far you’re moving it. So there’s a pretty wide range of answers to this question. The fact that we spend twice as much on moving as we do on ATM fees* suggests that most Americans are spending too much on their move, unaware of the cheap moving options available right at their fingertips (*ATM fee stat source in our moving infographic).

For example, moving a 2 bedroom apartment across town within Los Angeles can be done for $355 ($325 for 2 movers through HireAHelper for 5 hours of loading and unloading + $30 Budget moving truck). But if you’re moving out of town or out of state the price goes up. Or, if you’re moving anything more than a small apartment, the price goes up.

That said, this post looks at how much it would cost to move a specific sized home a specific distance. The cost of your move may vary from these estimates, but you can bet if your move is smaller or shorter, it should cost less and if it’s larger or farther, it will cost more.

This post is written to answer the following:

How much would it cost to move a 3 bedroom house (contents equaling 7,100 lbs) about 1,240 miles from Los Angeles, CA 90032 to Billings, MT 59101?


$3,700 (Option #1) Hire Loading Help + Reserve Professional Transportation

The cheapest way to move, a la carte, is also my personal favorite because it gives you more control over your stuff and more say over who’s doing the lifting, driving, and unloading (Oh, and I work for the most amazing loading and unloading help website in the world. So I’m a little biased). Hiring loading and unloading help through for a 3 bedroom house (about 7,100 lbs in stuff)  will cost about $940 (Breakdown: $470 for 4 helpers for 4 hours loading in Los Angeles and $470 for 4 helpers for 3 hours unloading in Billings, MT. Prices vary by location).

Reserving space on an ABF U-Pack Moving truck to move from LA to Billings is estimated to cost $2,791. You can also use a portable storage company like PODS or 1800Packrat to professionally transport your items across the country. Pricing might be even better through one of them, and they have some pretty amazing storage options in case you’re new house isn’t quite ready to move into.

$3,880 + gas (Option #2) – Hire Loading Help + Rent a Moving Truck

Similar to Option #1, this option is often called a “self-move.” hire local movers to load you through HireAHelper, but instead of having someone else transport your stuff, you’ve got to rent and drive a moving truck. You also have to fill it with gas. This option is more labor intensive on your part (long days driving, finding big parking spots, picking up & returning the truck, etc.) and costs more than option #1. The upside to this option is you are in direct control of your items at all times. You know exactly where they are at any given minute (because they’re directly behind you in the moving truck) and you have control over how long it takes. No waiting on delivery estimates from someone else. If your stuff doesn’t arrive to your new house on time, there’s only one person to blame.

$5,100 (Option #3) Full Service Mover or Vanline

The “simplest” way to go about moving across the country like this would be to call a big, national vanline. One with a long, reputable history as a pillar of the American economy. They’ve got agents all over the country and hundreds of trucks ready to move you anywhere, almost anytime. There are two GIGANTIC downsides to using a vanline for your move:

  1. Cost
    According to MoveSource’s moving cost calculator, a vanline move of this size is expected to run about $5,100!
  2. Damaged or Lost Items
    According to a recent J.D. Power & Associates study, almost 1 in 3 customers of full-service moving companies reported broken or missing items during their move.

All that to say, your costs may be very different from the ones in this post. But at least now you know there are a few cheaper options. And if you happen to be doing that exact move, from Los Angeles to Billings or vice versa, let me know in the comments, and I’ll get you a discount on some loading & unloading help. Otherwise, lets talk on Google +.

Summer Moving Infographic

If you’re moving this summer, it’s probably out of New York and into Washinton DC. How’d I know? Because I did a TON of research to put together this humble infographic crammed full of interesting moving habits and facts (below). So if you are moving this summer or even this month (May is National Moving Month after all) be sure you have your facts straight with our handy dandy summer moving infographic. Don’t be shy, check it out. And we won’t be mad if you want to share it with all your friends. (click the infograph for an interactive version over on

Summer Moving Infographic

Written, partly researched and designed by yours truly, Daniel Horning.